Review + Before and After Pictures : L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming #Newme #Truthaboutaging


Want to Age Gracefully? Thinking About some Anti-aging products? L’Oreal Paris have some answers …

L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming  is designed  specially for a younger age group and fights horizontal and vertical wrinkles!

L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming
*In their own Words 

So many of us are unaware of #TheTruthAboutAging which starts at the delicate age of 24. The skin starts to age naturally in your mid-20s. As we get older production of collagen, which is the protein which acts as scaffolding to the skin slows down. The substance that enables skin to snap back into place, elastin, is also effected and has less spring and can even break. Dead skin cells don't shed as quickly and turnover of new skin cells may decrease slightly.  According to Dr Andrew Wright, a consultant dermatologist with Bradford NHS Trust, this causes fine wrinkles and thin, transparent skin even if the first signs may not appear until our mid-30s (unless accelerated by smoking or sun damage).

The reason for starting so early is that more and more research is showing that aging is not just a matter of skin “getting worse” as time passes by but, inflammation and weakening due to cumulative damage can hasten the aging process. As we understand more about how aging occurs, we are learning that inflammation plays a key role in senescence, as well as in acne, infections, even irritations from rashes, psoriasis and other skin diseases.

Sun exposure, for example, was a big discovery showing that it was not just the passage of time but our cumulative unprotected exposure to sun and light over our lifetimes that caused several signs of aging. Cellular oxidation from the sun as well as other environmental factors is also important (hence the need for antioxidants). Lipid loss and the degradation of cell membrane health also cause aging and can be prevented with a good moisturizer like virgin coconut oil whose fatty acids are native to skin.
The scientific breakthrough of Revitalift’s exclusive formula combines advanced pro-retinol and fibrelastyl for complete anti-wrinkle and firming action which fights all types of wrinkles horizontal and even vertical lines increasing firmness.

L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream  Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming 

L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream  Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming 

L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream  Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming 

Before And After : Definitely Visible Results after using L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream  Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming 

 After 7 Days :  L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream  Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming 
My Thoughts about It:

Approx Four years ago ,  I got the chance to try L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream and it didn't work for me back then so I gave it to my Mom . My Mom is a big fan of this gem since then ( you can read details about Our experience by clicking here ) . 

I can clearly see that L’Oreal Paris have done some improvements in the formula . The packaging is new and so is the formula . L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream  Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming is designed specially for the younger age group . 

My skin is combination and I dont have any wrinkles yet . But still I was searching for a good anti aging cream for a younger age group . Most of the anti aging creams are designed for people who are above 35 when the process of aging is already quite visible on the face . In my opinion that is too late because prevention is better then cure . Thanks to L’Oreal Paris for realising this and working on their formula. 

L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream comes in a new packaging with different details on the box. The jar is still protected with  a lid . The consistency of the cream is almost the same . The fragrance is somehow little stronger but that fades in no time . 

The creamy formula takes time to get absorbed in the skin completely . After application , you can feel your skin hydrated and soft and slightly sticky . To tell you the truth my expectation were not high after using it by keeping my previous experience in mind . But I was surprised that after the third day my skin tone was getting better . There was less redness on the face and my dull , patchy skin was looking fresh and healthy . Best part is it did not break me out at all (you can see in the above pic ) . 

Though I don't have any wrinkles and I can not say anything about its effectiveness  on that part . But I can definitely say that after 7 days of usage my skin is radiant , fresh , healthy and hydrated (you can clearly see the results in my pic above ). 

You might like it If:

  • You are in or above your twenties and you are looking for some anti-aging products
  • Your skin type is not extremely oily 
  • You need a good moisturizer 
  • You want a fresh , healthy looking skin 
  • You want to improve your skin tone 
  • you want your skin to be soft and hydrated 

You might not like it If:

  • You think the fragrance of this cream is too strong though it fades away quickly 
  • You don't like the sticky feeling left on your skin after its usage. 
Would I recommend it ? 

YES . L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream  Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming is definitely WORTH THE TRY . 

L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream  Anti-Wrinkle + Extra Firming comes with a price tag of PKR 1399 and is easily available in Pakistan . 

Checkout L'Oreal Paris Pakistan facebook page by clicking HERE

IMPORTANT TIP for a young and healthy skin  : 

Never Ever skip on your Sunblock ... Not even when you are at home . 

Hope you like my efforts:)

Stay Healthy and Happy

*some information is from internet 

Have you tried  L’Oreal Paris New Revitalift Day Cream  ? Whats your experience ?  Would love to know :)

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  1. It looks promising cream..i have oily skin so may be it won't work for me but surly giving it to my mom

    1. Yes it is ... Thanks for your comment dear <3

  2. Ummm i hate the feeling of anything moisturizing on my face in summers but this cream seems good!

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. I can compromise on that part if anything can help with aging ;)
      Thanks for your kind comment dear <3

  3. You look so fresh ma sha Allah. My mother started using loreal revitalift night cream in her late fifties and ma sha Allah we could notice major difference in her skin so im sure the day cream is just as good. Great review once again!

    1. Thats so great to know dear .. thank you foe your wonderful comment <3

  4. This looks promising! Thanks for the thorough review! (:

    Would love to have you follow my blog,

    1. Yes it is .. thanks for your kind comment dear <3

  5. I would definitely try this one out. Glad to see its have different products fro different age range. Going to grab it for sure,
    ❁ ❊ Kanwalikram's Blog ❊ ❁

    1. I hope you like it too .. thanks for your kind comment <3

  6. thats great they hv improved it! Lovely u MA;-*

    1. You are a love .. thanks for your kind words dear <3


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